Davide Vega D'Aurelio

Tracking and predicting link quality in wireless community networks

Community networks have emerged under the mottos of “break the strings that are limiting you”, don't buy the network, be the network'' or a free net for everyone is possible''. Such networks create a measurable social impact as they provide to the community the right and opportunity of communication. As any other network that mixes wired and wireless links, the routing protocol must face several challenges that arise from the unreliable nature of the wireless medium. Link quality tracking helps the routing layer to select links that maximize the delivery rate and minimize traffic congestion. Moreover, link quality prediction has proved to be a technique that surpasses link quality tracking by foreseeing which links are more likely to change its quality. In this work, we focus on link quality prediction by means of a time series analysis. We apply this prediction technique in the routing layer of large-scale, distributed and decentralized networks. We demonstrate that this type of prediction achieves about a 98% of success in both the short and long term.