Davide Vega D'Aurelio

My research has an interdisciplinary and practical perspective at the intersection of computational social science / social computing, network science and mechanism design. I am particularly interested in applying large-scale digital data analysis techniques to study problems with social implications through the lens of human information networks. Currently, I am focusing on combining Social Network Analysis and Natural Language Processing to i) study online communication and its influence on our collective opinions, ideas and human decision making, and ii) developing computational models and methods to detect online information disorders in the Nordic countries.

To learn more about other research collaborations, please visit the Uppsala University Information Laboratory.

Selected projects

Modeling online communication

Blog modeled as a Temporal Text Network
The goal of this project is to study methodologies and develop techniques and tools to monitor Social Network Sites and to identify relevant structural and communication patterns.

Values and Ethics in Innovation for Responsible Technology in Europe

Virt-EU model
The goal of the project is to analyze and map the ethical practices of European hardware and software entrepreneurs, maker and hacker spaces, and community innovators in order to: (1) understand how IoT innovators enact ethics as they design future devices, (2) generate a new framework for Privacy, Ethical and Social Impact Assessment (PESIA) and (3) develop tools to support ethical reflection and self-assessment as part the design and development process for IoT technologies.