Davide Vega D'Aurelio

Uppsala University Network Library

The uunet (Uppsala University Network Library) is the C++ open source core library for network modelling and analysis developed and maintained by the Uppsala University Information Laboratory . The library is fully documented and includes a comperhensive test suite with examples that demonstrate how it can be used or extended.

This library also provides most of the code behind the R and Python multinet libraries, which are more specialized.

The multinet R library

The multinet library is available on CRAN (the Comprehensive R Archive Network), and can be installed directly from an R terminal or RStudio.

The library was originally based on the book: “Multilayer Social Networks, by Dickison, Magnani & Rossi, Cambridge University Press (2016)”. The methods contained in the library and described in the book have been developed by many different authors - extensive references are available in the book, and in the documentation of each function we indicate the main reference we have followed for the implementation. For some methods developed after the book was published the library provides references to the corresponding literature.

Additional information, including material such as survey articles and datasets, is available at http://multilayer.it.uu.se/ .